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DRC Chassis was founded in 2002 by Joe Devin. Since then, DRC has designed and built over 1,700 midget, sprint, and silver crown cars; becoming the most successful non-wing chassis manufacturer in the country. DRC has racked up over 1500 feature wins and over100 local and national championships.

DRC has won the Hoosier Auto Racing Fans 'Mechanical Achievement' award and has received the 'Manufacturer of the Year' award a record ten times from the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame.

About Joe

Joe was born in Indiana and grew up in a racing family. His dad Mike worked as a mechanic on an Indy Car team, and Joe could always be found in the shop with him. The family lived in Phoenix, Arizona for a short time where at the age of 8, Joe began racing go-carts and later, mini sprints and full sprint cars. In 1992, they moved back to Indiana and Joe began working on an Indy Car team himself. He also worked at Stealth and Beast before starting DRC Chassis in 2002.

The First DRC

The first DRC Chassis was built in 2002. It was a winged sprint car built for Kasey Kahne. Kasey and his team took the car to an All-Star race in Hartford, Michigan and won the first time out in the first ever DRC Chassis. From there, they made the haul to race the Dirt Cup at Skagit Speedway in Washington and won that too.

That got the attention of racers and Joe’s phone started ringing. Before long he was building winged and non-winged sprint cars for the best racers across the country.

Joe and mike.png

Joe and Mike Devin with a DRC Chassis on display at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. 

Over the years, DRC Chassis’ have won in every discipline they have competed in:

  • World of Outlaw Sprint Car Series

  • All-Star Circuit of Champions Series

  • United States Auto Club Sprint Car Series

  • United States Auto Club Silver Crown Series (Traditional and Gold Crown cars)

  • United States Auto Club Midget Series

  • Bumper to Bumper Super Sprint Winged Pavement Sprint Car Series

  • Wisconsin Wingless Sprint Series

  • Bumper to Bumper IRA Sprint Series

  • BMARA Midgets

  • TQ Midget Competition

  • Countless local track feature wins and championships


The team at DRC Chassis is committed to being innovative but also ensuring the quality and consistency of their chassis’ remains intact. Special attention is given to building a square chassis with the best tubing and correct welding procedures.

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