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5 Things You Need to Take to Florida

Teams are gearing up to head south in February for some fun in sun, but do you have what you need to bring home the checkers? There's no telling what will happen on track, so be prepared. Here's the top 5 things you should have packed in your trailer for Florida:

  1. Nerf bars! It's the first race of the season for many, there's bound to be some contact. Order spares here.

  2. Brake pads! Don't scare your driver with no brakes going in to turn 1. Make sure you have new brake pads in.

  3. Jacob's ladder! Face it, you always seem to need one. Add to cart.

  4. Torsion bars! You need options. And yes, torsion bars can go bad. Not sure what you need? Ask Joe.

  5. DRC Hoodie! Sure, it will be warm during the day in the sun, but don't be caught without a DRC hoodie when those temps drop at night.

Florida races start in just over 2 weeks so order your parts now!

DRC Chassis

371 Gasoline Alley

Indianapolis, IN 46222

(317) 481-1626

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